Introducing JobTrack. A suite of tools developed by Online Computers to give your staff the power of Accredo in the field. JobTrack integrates directly with the Job Costing module of Accredo giving your field staff all the information they need to plan their day, record time and parts used on jobs while still on the job, saving you time needlessly chasing up paperwork.

JobTrack Mobile and releated tools require registration with Online Computers and our exclusive web tools for Accredo.

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Jobtrack Manager

JobTrack Manager

Manage staff workloads uniquely to each job with JobTrack Manager. Get reports on productivity and staff performance KPI’s using this simple-to-use, drag and drop visual system, which integrates with Accredo.

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JobTrack Mobile

JobTrack Mobile

Mobile application that enables your staff to record their time and materials used on a job while still at the job. This is driven by scheduled job assignments set out in JobTrack Manager.
All job information is saved directly in Accredo ready for your final approval before invoicing.


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